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Women with Wings: A Positive Look at Growing up Female

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  3. Q&A with Louise Greenspan & Julianna Deardorff, Authors of ‘The New Puberty’

Do you have any advice for me on this? Yes, I do encourage you to find some solid role models at least one!? But, overall, I spend a lot more time talking to my boys about touchy subjects than my husband does. You just need to know what a boy will face and talk about it comfortably so he knows he can come to you when he needs to.

You must believe in yourself: You can handle this and God will provide if you look to Him! My grandson has a developmental delay. He is 11 now and physically probably about 13 but psychologically maybe about 8 Do you have any advice or references in how to guide us both through this challenging time? I have responsibility for his upbringing Thanks. Thank you so much for this I have 3 boys 2 of which are already married. We have a 12 year old son and this was very timely for us.

Question, what internet filters do you use? There are so many choices out there. I have an 8 and a half year old boy. I want to make sure he hears what he needs to know from his father and me. I shared the book series that we used, and I believe it starts around 5!! So your 8 year old is definitely ready. Keeping it open and comfortable will help so much as they get older and are ready for more serious talks! Using a book helps me ease into things, but there are many ways to approach it.

Being as comfortable as possible will help your son also be comfortable! Thanks for doing this! I lost my mother almost 4 years ago and I have recognized that I need more experienced and wiser women in my life. Since you are just a FEW years ahead of me in age and your children ages I value your experiences and wisdom so much. Thank you thank you thank you! This information could not have came at a better time!! I have 4 children 3 boys 1 girl. My kids are amazing I have to say.

They do their chores, homework, and love family time. Thank you for this wonderful info! This was a great post.

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I had great plans this summer — starting with the lifecycle of the butterfly and to start the sex talk. We did the butterflies: And some good pointers too. I never actually leave comments, but I had to stop here to say, thank you SO much!! I am SO happy to hear that Crystal! Bless you and enjoy the ride!!

Talking to Tween Girls About Puberty

I have a question for you concerning the filters…did you let your boy sknow that you put a filter on their devices and yours, or did you just do it without them knowing?? These are fabulous reminders; I love every point! I have 3 super-active boys, with one about to start middle school eeeek! Love the dad-son getaway idea. Thank you so much for this series. We have just entered this phase with our older son and any and all advice is most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to write down all this information in one awesome place.

I will be following this series for sure. I love that you have addressed filters and learning about tech and games. As someone who makes a living on social media this is huge. Thank you so much Debi! That means a lot to me. It means a lot that you took time to tell me! I feel like 10 is too young to talk about sex. Am I being naive? But you can go in slowly.. We are the same with homeschooling, but we just began the conversation in a way that was understandable but not overwhelming either.

The more you let them know that you are the resource, they will learn to be comfortable talking to you. I a really looking forward to this series! I have three boys and the oldest is 12, so we are well on our way! I found them on Amazon thru my own search, but you may want to fix that link! I had no idea! Thank you for ALL this info!!!! I have 2 boys 8,7 and a girl 6. This is so helpful!!!!

How to be a good parent to a kid going through puberty - kids parenting | Ask MetaFilter

Keep it coming and thank you thank you!!! We started with the youngest book in the series and they were all totally ready for it, so clearly we could have started the older ones earlier! This was so helpful! My oldest son is 11 and everything on this post applied to him right now. Thank you for sharing, you are such a blessing Monica! I am so glad to hear that, Lucy! You are a blessing as well, Lucy!

Hi Monica, Another fabulous post! Thanks for your willingness to share your insight.

Q&A with Louise Greenspan & Julianna Deardorff, Authors of ‘The New Puberty’

Looking forward to your upcoming posts on this subject. It may sound crazy, but I love you, Monica! Your posts are amazing! My oldest is about to be 11 so this was ideally timed. I immediately sent it to my husband to get THAT conversation started.

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  8. Thank you thank you thank you!! Becka—you just made my day. I love you too! That can save years of anxiety, struggles and emotional issues down the road. We did a lot of what you mentioned with our boys too. The cell phone curfew they hated it , the sex talk they rolled their eyes and they were always active.

    I remember when my oldest was in 6th grade and I was homeschooling him. I noticed a couple of hairs under his arms when he was stretching and had his arms raised. I mentioned it and then my husband said something and all of sudden my son burst into tears. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Share 7K. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

    Aw, thank you Hannah!!

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    Love hearing that, and cheers to a fellow boy-momma! A Positive Look at Growing up Female. Artwork by Christian Schloe. Puberty is an exciting, sometimes confusing, and definitely influential time for young girls. Over many years of working with women I have observed how our puberty and adolescent experiences deeply imprint us, our perceptions of ourselves and the world, and continue to shape many of our choices into adulthood.

    Indigenous cultures have always recognised puberty as the incredibly vulnerable, significant and profound moment in life that has the potential to pave a pathway to inner strength, maturity, and positive, passionate participation in life. It is a time of major physical changes, brain growth, emotional extremes, questing and questioning, and new responsibilities and desires.

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    8. As parents it is time to pay attention, tune in, and dance between offering support and encouraging independence as our youth move out into a wider circle of community and peers. I am always thrilled, and somewhat relieved, when mothers step forward and say: